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Sumcoin Faucet

Sumcoin Faucet

The World's First Index Based Cryptocurrency.

Sumcoin sites: | Exchange | Blockchain | |
Sumcoin donations are welcome 【ツ】: 2PjA18VQkup3vKRxtUn4AMsY1j45am62xZP

POS Faucet

POS Faucet

A Proof of Stake consensus model will not only be an economical advancement by increasing transaction speed and reducing fees.

POS sites: | Exchange | Blockchain | |
POS donations are welcome 【ツ】: PRiNwY5QyfcazAVGTHdT22nJUA6cE1gqwN



The newest game from Team Just. Well maybe not a game and more along the lines of a lottery.

Buy boxes that earn TRX and if you are within the last 100 people to buy a box before the timer ends you'll receive a 1% share of the pot with a bonus going to the last person to enter the game. At the current value you would stand to win $52,000 USD for being the last to enter the game.

As a twist to the game you can turn on autobuy which will automatically buy boxes for you from your earnings of the boxes you already own. So you won't need to keep checking the game, you could easily end up being a winner without knowing until you check your TRX balance

This is a very interesting experiment and one that has caused a stir in the crypto community.

You'll need a Tron wallet to take part

Crown Faucet

Crown Faucet

Crown is much more than a leading digital token and application platformit represents an opportunity to create new ideas and services that add meaningful value to the world. Explore below to learn more about Crown and the benefits it can deliver.

Crown sites: | Exchange | Blockchain | |
Crown donations are welcome 【ツ】: CRWVMXpn6bncvaHmHz1zqcxevjrpq3uVydry

SwissBorg - Earn CHSB/BTC

SwissBorg is a Bitcoin prediction app (Android/iOS) which you can play for free. Along the way you earn points, based on whether you think Bitcoin will go up or down in price each day.

You can also earn CHSB coins for completing various tasks like making a riskier prediction with your points. Extra points can be earned each day by opening the app.

CHSB can be traded here:


- Earn Bitcoin: Up to $500,000 worth of BTC shared among 20,000 of the most active users (payable once the SwissBorg Wealth App is released)
- Earn SwissBorg tokens by playing and unlocking badges. Up to 1750 CHSB tokens per player.

Download the app here: SwissBorg to get an extra 3,000 points to play with enter the code IV6NZ6Q in the app under referral code.

Karbo Faucet

Karbo Faucet

Karbo is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange network and stable exchange medium, designed to be used by customers and merchants as private Internet money that respects and protects their privacy

Karbo sites: | Exchange | Blockchain | |
Karbo donations are welcome 【ツ】: KfnNeF8QYcdVftXi8BFZP6Bti6tMETVHNj9M294EJTvtZCsTarUXUiVL15gjvW1uoH34n3verPxGS7Ayoarayhh2HQD7LZk

Dogecoin Faucet

Don't forget our Dogecoin giveaway here.

Dogecoin Faucet

Dogecoin is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus worldwide.

Dogecoin sites: | Exchange | Blockchain | |
Dogecoin donations are welcome 【ツ】: DQGaW1rTMtm2Hfg38g5VswNd3XPTyEXBjc

More Dogecoin Faucets

Publish0x - Earn crypto by reading

Whilst not strictly a faucet, Publish 0x! are a "crypto powered blog" where you get paid to read crypto related articles posted by its users.

You can earn the following tokens (randomly awarded), based on a 10 minute timer per article (24hrs for the same author).

    Bounty0x - BNTY
    Project Hydro - HYDRO
    DAI Stablecoin - DAI
    Basic Attention Token - BAT

The minimum withdrawal amounts are below for each token

    Minimum withdrawal 159.5600 BNTY
    Minimum withdrawal 520.6100 HYDRO
    Minimum withdrawal 0.5010 DAI
    Minimum withdrawal 2.0600 BAT

Sign up link below

Banano Faucet

Banano Faucet

Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy.

Banano sites: | Exchange | Blockchain | |
Banano donations are welcome 【ツ】: ban_3gbrj7biyqiyt79aodxpk6haw6bd8ajx1bowq7agnpsnnqbdty59px5yuijj